(don't mind about the spelling mistakes and bad grammar, this is just a copy of my journal in which I don't use proper English. I just had to share this with you guys. Today is the day. Today I'm really going to feel the magic.)
''i cannot describe how much those five boys make me feel. its been three days since i heard that the boys are coming to sweden and denmark (and everywhere execpt finland) again. three days ago my stomach flipped and after that i could hardly breathe. every since my hands have been shaking and my stomach has not been working too well. everything seems to be blurred and i cannot focus on anything. right now its half past twelve at midnight and i still havent finished my essay and everything is just mess. all i can thinks is WHAT IF I GET TO SEE THEM? WHAT IF? im listening to diana right now and it makes me cry and it makes me even more excited. i literally, right now, feel so much gratitude towards my mum that i cant even handle this. ofc ive been feeling this way towards her every since i was born but right now i could ran at the end of the universe just to prove how fucking much it means to me that she said YES. YES. YES. YES. so, if everything turns out well - meaning if we get to have tickets which is not the easiest thing on the planet - me and my sister GET TO SEE THE BOYS. THE - ONE - AND - FUCKING - ONLY - ONE - DIRECTION. this aint freaking happening. this aint. omg im crying again. and i sound like a fucking ten year old. oh - my - god.

i have the biggest stomach ache, and its all cause this excitement. im hyperventilating and i just... i need to write this cause i dont have anyone to talk about this shit cause one, i cannot tell ANYBODY, hah and two, no one would even understand and three, everyone is sleeping so... back to the part i cannot tell anybody: so we decided with my sister that we wont tell anybody about this. until we get the tickets especially... then we only tell people were going to denmark. not anything about one direction. and when the time of the concert comes were like NANANNANANANA WE ARE HERE AND YOU ALL BE JELLY MOTHERFUCKERS boo-ya. mindfucking plan, eh? right... my stomach is literally blowing. its like a huge balloon inside of me and it doesnt go away. i just love them SO much.

sometimes i wonder if its normal to love some five random guys. okay, they arent exactly random but you got the point. but i dont actually know them in person and yeah i love a lot of bands. srlsly A LOT. but its a different kind of love, like crush? like little love, little curiousity. i love the way band members look and sing and stuff and thats totally normal (not for all but for me and all the other kinda normal fangirls.) but comparing the love i have towards all the other bands and towards one direction - well, its massive. like king kong, or like empire state building... actually kinda like the universe. i know that millions of girls might think the same way. i dont really care, and though i know there are those who just overreact and act like hypermassive fangirl who loves them with all her heart and blablabla......... i dont care about the others, cause i know that this aint about the fact that who has most of posters or t-shirts or who bought the cds and dvds first. some may think this is though. but i think this is about those five beloved boys, who caught their biggest dream and now are living it. the five magical boys who are not just any kind of boys, they are best friends who were brought together by fate. its all about the fate. everything happens for a reason and those boys proved it. they auditioned one by one and suddenly became a group which is now the most biggest boy band in the world. thats something a call magic.

its all about magic. its magic, that i love those boys more than i have ever EVER loved anything else. all i can sing is their songs. all i can watch is their photos and videos. all i can think about is them. (no, im not obsessive.... its the truth though.)

and if i get to see them, i will be the happiest girl on the planet. not just because i SEE THEM but also because i get to feel the magic. the magic how they look, how they sing, how they love all of us and how they are just five normal kids who had the dream and by faith the dream has became true.

cause everything you do is magic.''


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